Toxic Thyroid (Marigold Mint scent) 2 oz Spray Made in America

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Toxic Thyroid  helps reduce the effects of metabolic waste and environmental toxins, especially affecting the thyroid function. The thyroid is a stress organ, receiving signals from the pituitary, adrenals and heart. This is the most delicate and finely tuned organ of the body affecting all endocrine systems and immune integrity. These essences have helped people with symptoms of fatigue and symptoms of slow metabolism. I recommend wearing the blend on the throat and front of the neck, as well as on the middle of the forehead . The aroma is soft and lifting.

The aromatic essences include bergamot,and Antique roses.

Jana's Testimonial: I always feel more energetic when I wear Toxic Thyroid. It smells wonderful. My hair and skin look better, less dry and dull, and I have a good attitude again.

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