Tiny Tin Made in America

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The Tiny Tin

During the days of the wild west saloons ran into an evaporation problem. The solution; they made bottle toppers out of tin to place on top of their whiskey bottles at the end of the night. The Tiny Tin™ fits perfectly on the neck of your favorite bottle of spirits, and transports with ease so that you can enjoy a glass just about anywhere life takes you! The Tiny Tin™ enhances the flavor profile of Whiskeys, Bourbons, and Rum when consumed from it. It allows for the flavor to build, by muting the beginning notes, and expanding the flavorful aftertaste. This allows for the drinker to have a more rounded drinking experience.

2-ounce “Shooter” style cup designed specifically for whiskey tastings.
Makes an excellent party gift (especially for Bachelor parties).
Hand-Crafted, and locally packaged in West Michigan.

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