Inner Voice (Jasmine scent) 2 oz Spray Made in America

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Inner Voice is the still, small voice resonating from our hearts. It is always available to help us, like an ancient teacher. Inner Voice gives direction, solves problems and makes life's answers seem simple. The energy frees the personality from limitations, calms the mind from distractions and connects a focused mind with a loving heart.

The  Petite Fleur essences also clear perceptions from the past  to focus on tasks at hand. This voice is never critical or chastising. The energy also connects the personality with the spirit of the heart. The aroma opens the senses to receive guidance. It protects guardian energy of the heart affecting the immune system. The effect is very calming. It is used to  clear lung energy, and tonifies circulation to reduce impatience, anxious thoughts and unusual worry. Doctors use this blend for those affected by blood conditions.

Apply 2 drops 3 x daily to clean unbroken skin, or spray on throat.

Testimonial: I have never experienced anything like Inner Voice. I feel so connected to my spiritual self with a calmness I now enjoy daily, Jana.

I enjoy it's fragrance and noticed subtle changes since I started using it last week, Janine.

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