Chamomile & Lavender Facial Cleansing Spray Made in America

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  • Chamomile & Lavender Cleansing Spray is a quick, gentle and non-drying facial cleanser perfect for at home or on the go. Plant distillates and aloe vera cleanse, balance pH, calm inflammation and help to repair damaged or fragile skin. Doubles as a fabulous hydrating mist to refresh and add moisture throughout the day.

    • Chamomile distillate calms rashes, sensitivities, rosacea, acne, heat rash, and redness. Used with lavender and aloe vera, it is fantastic for burns and sunburns. It is the best all-in-one makeup remover, skin cleanser and toner.
    • Lavender is famed for its regenerative effects on damaged or fragile skin. The pH is ideal for any skin type. Lavender distillate will help to combat excessively dry atmospheres, reduce inflammation after shaving, calm sunburn, bug bites and itching. It's sweet and happy aroma makes it calming and cooling to body, mind, and spirit.
    • Calendula hydrosol has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and astringent properties. It is perfect for any skin condition that causes redness and irritation.
    • Aloe vera is soothing and can reduce skin inflammations and itchiness while helping the skin to heal more rapidly. It's leaves contain a plethora of antioxidants including, beta carotene, vitamin C and E that can help improve the skin's natural firmness and keep the skin hydrated.
    • Soak a cotton pad with several sprays of cleanser and wipe away daily residues until cotton pad comes clean.
    • lavandula angustifolia (lavender) distillate*, chamaemelum nobilis (chamomile) distillate*, calendula officinalis distillate*, distilled water, aloe barbadensis, vegetable glycerin*, potassium sorbate
      * Designates organic or ECOCERT approved ingredients
    • When I first used this spray, it felt like I was just using a toner, and I wasn’t sure that I was actually cleaning anything. Then I decided to wipe down my sprayed face with a clean cloth and I saw just how much of a day’s worth of climbing outside came off. The spray and all its healing ingredients left me feeling refreshed and clean. On big days outside, I usually do two or three passes of the spray with a wash cloth or cotton pads for good measure, and it works great.

      — Toni, Alameda, CA

      I've been using your products for about a month now and am completely impressed. I have been using your: 2-step method to remove makeup & cleanse at night. I use your Chamomile & Lavender Cleansing spray for morning cleansing and follow with the Rosemary & Geranium hydrating mist with the Green Tea Sunscreen SPF 30 for daytime protection.

      I almost can't believe the results; a virtually pore-less complexion that remains hydrated throughout the day without the need for multiple oil-blotting sessions. Your cleansing products have turned ritual into pleasure, with visible results. And as a side note, amazingly, a small group of tiny skin tags that had begun to form at the base of my neck have also completely disappeared, which I credit to the special properties of your Tangerine Oil cleanser and Honey & Licorice cleansing grains.

      — Claudia, Villa Park, IL

      The Chamomile and Lavender Facial Cleansing Spray has become my little savior in a bottle! Between traveling and enduring the hottest ever summer in Southern California, this spray has been put to the test. During the day, I use it as a light mist to calm and refresh. When getting ready for bed, I use it after cleansing my skin by spraying a small amount on a cotton square and gently patting over my face and neck. It can also be used alone, as a cleanser, but I preferred to use it as a follow up to the grains.

      — Roxanne, Los Angeles, CA


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