Will you pledge to buy more American-Made?

Do you care about the American-Made movement as much as we do? Take the American-Made Pledge, pledging that you will dedicate yourself to looking for and buying more products that are Made right here in the U.S.A.

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Why Buy American?

  • American-Made permits better quality products. 
  • Supports not only manufacturing jobs, but also jobs that are associated with American manufacturing. 
  • American manufacturing is under environmental regulation, which leads to cleaner and more efficient manufacturing techniques. 
  • U.S. Federal and State Laws permit safer, cleaner, and more fair work conditions for workers. 
  • U.S. Federal and State Laws regulate products for safety, delivering safer products to consumers. 
  • Money spent on American-Made products stimulates the American economy. 
  • When you buy American you're not only investing in jobs and quality products, you're also investing in the future of this great nation.