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Viral Escape Aroma Blend contains the most potent essential oils with antiviral, antibacterial and anti fungal properties. The essential oils include Cinnamon Thyme, Oregano and Lemon Eucalyptus. Virus cannot live or multiply in their presence, including Ebola virus in test tube conditions. This blend is especially dangerous to air born virus and effective to the many mutations virus may achieve. This is a very strong blend that can be lightly massaged onto the chest ,3-5 drops, 2-3 x daily. Adults can successfully use this blend ongoing. For children, I suggest Entero Aroma Blend. My viral blends are very effective applied along the spine where virus collect and hang out. A light massage is all that s needed. Testimonial: I purchased  Viral Escape and Enterovirus  as precautionary products, but they have proven very supportive of releasing what was toxic in my system. I've used them daily. Thank you for your excellent products, Isabel.

All my blends are made as I receive the orders. If you need a different base or some other variation, contact me. There is no extra charge for anything I have on hand.

My intention is to promote self healing, not diagnose or treat. Consult your physician for medical treatments.

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