SS-2 Marine Antenna Made in America

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Marine VHF radios operate from 156.025 – 157.425 MHz which is often referred to as the two meter band. SS-2 Marine Antenna is carefully center tuned to 156.875 MHz to ensure peak performance. The compact antenna is suitable for both large and small vessels and is hermetically sealed in a stainless steel canister to ensure life longevity.

  • No ground plane required
  • Fully Assembled Dimensions 38” X 1” X 1”
  • Application: VHF Marine Band Channel 16
  • Connector Supplied: SO-239
  • Gain: 3 dB, 5.1 dBi
  • Max. Output Power: 150 Watts

Note: ADAP-I or ADAP-II required for mounting to a standard lay-down ratchet.

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