Inner Critic ( Holy Basil scent) 2 oz Spray Made in America

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Inner Critic guides the personality into a new perception of appreciation, inner joy and self pride. The afflicted part of the personality suffers from a feeling that "something is wrong with me: decisions, work effort, choice of companions. They attract criticism from themselves and others, like a nagging voice. Their body doesn't feel attractive or healthy. The personality is more frustrated than depressed. Symptoms may also include chronic: headaches, backaches, soreness, spasms , itchy dry skin, dry cough, loss of voice. Nerve pain may be local or moving, like sciatica, but it is always intense. As the body image changes the pains recede, rebellious intramuscular energy balances. The spirit is set free.   

Apply 2 drops 3 x daily on clean unbroken skin. The top of the forehead is a good location for application. Spray 3 x daily on throat or neck.

Testimonial: Inner Critic has the most profound effect on my personal experiences and well being, Tanya.

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