InBooze Classic Margarita Cocktail Kit Made in America

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Who loves a good margarita?!

WE DO! The hard part about homemade margaritas is the amount of sugar--these are SUGAR-FREE. With the bold pop of citrus, you won't miss the sugar, we promise!

This kit is great if you're on low-carb or KETO diet.

This Margarita kit infuses in 2 cups of tequila, to make 8-10 drinks. Once infused, just add Fresca or lemon-lime pop and a lime wedge. SO easy!

Ingredients: Dehydrated Orange, Dehydrated Lime

InBooze Classic Margarita Recipe:
2 cups favorite tequila - silver or gold
1 InBooze Margarita pouch

Allow to infuse for at least 3 days. Remove pouch from the container.

To mix:
Add 2-3 ounces of infused tequila in a glass with ice
Top with favorite bubbly water, lemon-lime pop or soda water.
Garnish with limes, oranges or a salt rim.

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