Fullips All American Package "Lip Plumping Enhancers" Made in America

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Fullips lip plumping enhancers provide a simple, non-invasive, temporary solution for fuller lips lips and a better lip line without the pain and expense of lip injections or chemicals.

Small enough to tuck into a makeup bag for use before touching up lipstick every day or just on special occasions! The Fullips enhancers are designed using self-suction, not a pump. Self-suction allows the user to control the level of enhancement to create a better lip line and overall lip fullness.

Getting suction at first can be tricky. If you have trouble contact us, we can help! It can take about a month of use for max effects. Videos and FAQs also available to help. Made in the USA of hard food-grade plastic. 

 3 shapes/sizes: Large Round, Medium Oval, and Small Oval. Results vary 1-4 hours.

U.S.Pat.No. US8858472. Additional Patents Pending.

*CAUTION: Read all directions provided in box. If box has been tampered with or instructions are not included, do not use and contact us. Use gentle suction only for 15-30 second increments to avoid bruising. Do not overuse.

*CAUTION: Anyone who has had lip injections and/or fillers should NOT use Fullips. If your lips or mouth are under a doctor's care, use of this product should always be cleared with your doctor first. If you have any concerns about using this product or have any health concerns, check with your doctor. If you have issues with your teeth, gums, tongue, mouth issues, oral surgery, cold sores, bruising, bleeding, medications, blood thinning issues or take blood thinning medication, check with your doctor first. If you have an allergic reaction, stop use and call your doctor immediately. This is not a toy and should not be used by anyone under 18.

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