Smoked Beef Jerky Made in America

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Talk about a hole in one!!! I'm not quite sure how we did it but our Original jerky has been an absolute hit! Dozens of people have told us this is the best jerky they have ever had. A man without any teeth once said to us "This is life changing" Now i'm not quite sure what that means but I took it as a complement when he bought 5 more bags. This beef jerky recipe comes from more than three decades of work. It is some of the best beef jerky on the market.
We marinate every batch for at least 12 hours, then cook it with a world renowned process called Sous Vide to keep it tender, and then dehydrate it to perfect texture.
Ingredients: Beef, water, soybean, wheat, natural liquid smoke, garlic, ginger, salt, ground pepper, chili flakes, molasses, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, caramel coloring, vinegar, lemon juice.
Contains: Soy and Wheat
100% Beef. 100% Real. 
Made in the USA

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