InBooze Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit Made in America

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 Looking for the perfect cocktail kit for a gift or yourself?

Let InBooze kits do all of the work for you. Infuse your whiskey or brandy for 3+ days using the Old Fashioned kit, then serve with a splash of soda water, Sprite or cherry flavored sparkling water. Couldn't be easier!

Ingredients: Dehydrated Michigan cherries, Dehydrated Organic oranges, Homemade bitters infused sugar cube.

Each infusion kit makes 16 ounces--about 8, 2 oz drinks. All ingredients come in a tea style bag to infuse in a large, covered container--consider a mason jar!

Once infused, store in the fridge to enjoy as you please, after removing the infusion bag.

Kits are shelf stable for 18 months. Great hostess gift with a bottle of your favorite alcohol!

Questions, please ask!

Classic Old Fashioned

•Infuse 2 cups of your favorite brandy for 3 days.
•To serve: add ice to a rocks glass. Pour 2 ounces of InBooze brandy. Top with 3-4 ounces soda water. Great with a orange rind garnish.

Fall Cider OF

•Infuse 2 cups of your favorite whiskey with InBooze OF kit for 3 days in a covered container (I love a mason jar!).
•To serve: add ice to a rocks glass. Pour 2 ounces of InBooze'd whiskey. Top with sparkling or fresh cider, plus a splash of soda water.

GREAT heated up, almost like a hot toddy



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