What's Your ONE THING? | Commit to Made in USA Today

What's Your ONE THING? | Commit to Made in USA Today


Made in America Co. was started in 2013 with one simple mission: To Support All Things American-Made. We've been working hard to do what we can to bring jobs back home! We share this goal and aspiration with our friends at Liberty Legends USA who we partnered with for What's YOUR THING in 2018? - a collaborative project in which we are challenging ALL Americans to find just one thing, your thing, that you can do this year to support jobs and also increase awareness about American-Made.

Make your commitment today by clicking above! Wether it be you want to purchase a set of Made in USA bedding, clothes, printer paper, or even a new car - every purchase helps. Start checking your labels next time you go shopping!

After you make your commitment, visit The American List to find over 700 Made in USA companies from across the nation.

The Gatlin Brothers & The Oak Ridge Boys Have Joined The Movement!


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  • Albert

    At my job site I like to encourage My guys by speaking life into them and guideing them in the right direction I wear my thorogoods proudly

  • Theresa Fell

    Love these boots! Made to last!


    My husband is an USA Army Veteran retired. I love America. (A) Army, (M) Marines. (E) Every American’s Citizen) Right to bear arms, (I) In God we Trust, I pledge allegiance to the United State Flag © Country, (A) AMERICA, AMERICA, God shed His Blood on thee, (N) Navy I solute and honor all Veterans who fought and died for our country. Past, Now, Future…

  • David Ackerman

    I try to always post positive things on my site and promote what is American & My faith In God who Guides us.

  • Edward

    Thorogood work boots! Best on the feet and best on the job site!

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