MIA Co. Sponsors Featured in the White House

MIA Co. Sponsors Featured in the White House
Several of Made in America Co's sponsors were featured in The White House as part of Made in America Week/The Made in America Roundtable, where The Made in America Movement hand-picked most of American-Made brands from across the nation to participate. We are sharing their experiences. 

Liberty Tabletop


"It is quite an honor to be invited to the White House, particularly to speak about a topic that is so close to our heart, the promotion of “Made in America”. Far from a partisan political issue, the plight of American manufacturing and the loss of millions of middle-class jobs has become an American issue.  It is quite heartening to see that in a world where everything seems to be about political extremes we can find common ground and broad-based support for our company and the issue at large. Thank you to President Trump, Rep. Claudia Tenney, and Senator Chuck Schumer for your support of our company, our employees, and middle America which is the engine of our economy." -Liberty Tabletop


Authenticity 50


"We are still in shock, that our young company, Authenticity 50, launched in 2015, was invited to the White House for Made in America week! It was truly exciting for us to represent A50 and share our story and US-made products at the highest level, with our country's President (sitting just two seats away!) It has taken much blood, sweat, tears, and courage for us to create A50 and bring back the Made in USA luxe bedding industry, and we were extremely grateful to showcase the premium quality and craftsmanship that goes into a set of our sheets. It was very encouraging to bring national attention and awareness to the domestic manufacturing movement. The next step is to get A50 sheets into the White House!" -Steph & Jimmy from Authenticity 50


Jacob Bromwell 


"This administration is committed to keeping hard-working Americans employed.  We’ve sent out jobs and our wealth to other countries for far too long.  It was an amazing experience to have a variety of American companies spanning different industries come together for a discussion with the President and other top officials." -Jacob Bromwell

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