What do coins on a veteran's grave mean?

What do coins on a veteran's grave mean?
Have you ever seen coins on a service member's grave? It turns out, different coins that are left mean different things.  
  • A penny is just a simple sign that the grave was visited and respects were paid.
  • A nickel means that the visitor spent time with the deceased at boot camp.
  • If you see a dime, it means that the visitor served with the soldier at some point in time.
  • Finally, a quarter indicates that the visitor was present at the time when the deceased fell. 

The money collected, usually goes towards cemetery and gravesite maintenance. Please be respectful anytime you visit a grave. 


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  • Kevin Connell

    Thank you for the coin info on the stone. I am a veteran but never visited a veterans cemetery I will start now and have coins with me. Really, thank you! Kevin

  • Joseph

    Had wondered about that having seen this when I visited my mother and grandparents in the veteran cemetery

  • Debbie

    Thank you for posting this information. Our veterans need more respect and honor for all they have done for us and the freedom of this country.

  • Larry Dennett

    This traditional has been going on since the end of the civil war and is one of respect

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