Our Favorite Denim Shirt - Bridge & Boro

Our Favorite Denim Shirt - Bridge & Boro


The denim shirt has been a classic wardrobe staple going back to the days of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe. It exudes a timeless cool that only the denim fabric can do.

Our favorite denim shirt is The Bowery, proudly Made in USA by Bridge & Boro, a family owned and operated business based out of New York, NY. The Bowery is made from Cone Mills White Oak denim, America’s former oldest denim mill. Sadly, the mill closed in December of 2017, but Bridge & Boro was able to get a final production run in of this top quality fabric. The style the Bowery is classic Americana updated with details that give it a New York edge.


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Get ready for Fall & Winter by stocking up on this classic denim style with this amazing end of summer sale from Bridge & Boro. Using the finest denim and materials from the USA - these pieces will become a regular in your wardrobe rotation for many seasons to come. 

Styling a denim shirt can be intimidating for some, so that’s why Bridge & Boro created their Denim Shirt Styling Guide. Shot in the outskirts of NYC with the entire family, Bridge & Boro had a lot of fun showing some examples of ways you can style your denim shirt. Its truly a versatile piece and should be in everyones wardrobe. Enjoy!

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