Coffee Makers Made In USA

Coffee Makers Made In USA

Electronics are one of the top items that people have difficulty finding Made in the USA.  If you are looking for American Made coffee makers, we have a list for you below so you can get exactly what you need. The Coffee makers Made in America are listed here and you may comment about your favorites!  

We also want to hear from you on your favorite coffee brands that are Made in America. Comment below and tell us what coffee you like! 

What if there is a coffee maker that you really want and you can’t find that coffee maker Made in America?  The best option is to buy it used.  Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, or local groups on Facebook are a great way to get the coffee maker you want without really supporting the outsourcing of our economy to China.  So if you want a percolator or a single cup style maker, remember this option.  It also helps the environment when we reuse items that would otherwise get thrown away.

USA Made Coffee Makers 

​Fast Comparison Table



Made In


Bu​nn Speed Brew

Drip Coffee Maker

Creston, Iowa*


Bunn GR

Drip Coffee Maker

Creston, Iowa*


Bunn BX, BT

Drip Coffee Maker

Creston, Iowa*


Bunn Trifecta

Drip Coffee Maker

Springfield, Illinois


Pour Over

Chicopee, Massachusetts


Aerobie Aeropress

Coffee Press

Palo Alto, California


Able Kone Brewing

Pour Over

Martinez, California


Toddy Cold Brew

Cold Brew Coffee

Loveland, Colorado


Filtron Cold Brew 

Cold Brew Coffee

Westminster, California


* Assembled in​ the USA

Made In USA Vs. Assembled In USA

We have a great article and a Facebook live video that tells the difference in Made in the USA (Manufactured) and Assembled in the USA, but both terms are regulated by the FTC.  We prefer coffee makers manufactured in America, but “Assembled in the USA” does mean that it took real work to put it together (not just a screwdriver assembly.) 

Coffee makers that we would like to move manufacturing to the USA include Breville, Cuisinart, Hamilton Beach, Mr. Coffee, and Keurig.  If you see another list that claims that these are American Made, you need to be wary of that list and triple-check it!  And if you see people sharing it, please ask them to take it down. 

With our effort and our voices telling these brands to move production to the USA - we will make an impact! 

It takes time to look for the “Made in USA” label, but it is a worthwhile effort to support brands that are building up our economy, creating a quality product for our nation, and providing jobs to our fellow countrymen. 

Our FTC does not currently require a country of origin to be listed on commodities.  Coffee makers fall into this category. So when you are looking online it can be difficult to know where it comes from. However, this is the perfect time to use your voice!  When you ask brands online (like on Amazon, or brand websites directly) they will start to take notice!  If those brands want to stay in business, they will need to bring production back to the USA!  You make the difference here. 

If you want manufacturing brought back to America and don’t want to buy coffee makers Made in China - you make the difference for telling the brands. 

A brand may NOT LIE about where manufacturing takes place. If they do, our Federal Trade Commission will fine them and put out a press release.  Take a look at the 1 million fine they put on William Sonoma early in 2020 for deceptive advertising practices around “Made in America” - so if you think a brand is being deceptive: report them to the FTC right away!  They are doing their job in collaboration with customs and the FDA on all kinds of products. 

According to the FTC guidelines on the Made in USA standard- deceptive advertising includes using phrases like “born in the USA” or “built in the USA”  so if you see a brand that is trying to use funny wording to deceive people - you can report them and they will be fined!  The FTC states that “A Made in USA claim can be express or implied.” 

Drip Coffee Makers Made In America?

Currently, our research has found no American Made drip coffee makers. If you are looking for a drip coffee maker not made in China, we do not currently have options for you. 

If you find a drip coffee maker that is Made in USA (or assembled in USA) please let us know in the comments so that we can update our list!  

Are Bunn Coffee Makers Made In USA?

In order to get a full answer on this, we want to explain the difference in an item fully manufactured in the USA vs. Assembled in the USA.  Please understand that we prefer “Made in USA” (meaning, fully manufactured with parts from the USA) but many people do not realize that “Assembled in the USA” is a regulated term from the FTC and requires “its principal assembly takes place in the U.S. and the assembly is substantial.” The FTC gives examples to show that we are talking about a real job and not just using a screwdriver to put parts together. 

Are Bunn Coffee Makers MADE in USA? No.
Are Bunn Coffee Makers fully manufactured in the USA? No.
Are Bunn Coffee Makers Assembled in USA? Yes!

As we have done a large comparison of Bunn coffee makers to other companies making coffee makers - this one brand stands above the rest in their efforts to support the American Economy and provide jobs to Americans. 

BUNN provided a statement themselves:  

We source materials from North America and other regions of the world. It is important that a manufacturer like BUNN have a controlled variety of sources to buy the materials and components we use to make coffee brewers and other beverage equipment. 

BUNN has strict control of all suppliers and a rigid supplier quality process to confirm that materials come from BUNN-approved sources only and are compliant with all agency requirements. Safety and quality are the #1 priority at BUNN. 

If you are looking for machines that are built in the USA, choose the GR, BX, BT, or Speed Brew models. Some parts can come from overseas, but these machines are assembled in Iowa. 

The Home Trifecta MB is also built in the USA. Some parts can come from overseas, but this machine is assembled in Springfield, Illinois. We know of no other coffee maker that is built in the U.S. 

The NHS, STX, HG, HT, MC, MCU, and HB (Heat and Brew) are all made in China – all meet BUNN quality species and agency standards and go through a rigorous Quality Assurance check. We are confident in the sources of supply for all our components and finished products. 

Best choice for Made in America Coffee Maker

If you are looking at options for a Coffee maker that is American made, your best choice at this time is BUNN.  

1. Bunn Speed Brew Drip Coffee Maker 

Assembled in Creston, Iowa

coffee maker assembled in americabunn coffee maker is assembled in america

This Bunn Drip Coffee Maker can finish a full brew cycle in 4 minutes.  

Buy on Amazon


2. Bunn 10 Cup Velocity Brew

Assembled In Creston, Iowa

 coffee maker assembled in Creston, Iowa

Get the GR now on Amazon


3. 10 Cup Velocity Brew BT

 coffee maker assembled in usa

Find the Velocity Brew BT on Amazon now 


Manual Coffee Makers Made In USA

There are several great options to find a manual coffee maker that is made in America.  Pour over coffee maker that is Made in USA can be found below: 

4. Chemex Pour Over Coffee Maker

Made In Chicopee, Massachusetts

chemex coffee maker made in america 

This is a favorite of baristas and coffee connoisseurs all over the world. It has a simple and elegant design and makes a delicious pour-over cup of coffee.  See it on Amazon

When I have attended coffee conferences, this is the primary coffee maker I have seen and my favorite coffee place uses the Chemex to serve their coffee. 

The Chemex is made in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. It’s completely BPA-free. 

Chemex also developed their own thick filter that is 20-30% heavier than other brands and removes all sediment particles as well as bad oils and fats. (The box of filters does not state where they are manufactured.)

5. Able Kone Brewing System

Made In California

Able Brewing developed, designed, and built this beautiful pour-over brewer in California, USA!

A Kone filter that is made of a stainless steel cone and the brewer is ceramic. If you do not like plastic coffee makers - Able Brewing has a wonderful option for you. I think it is a very elegant system for making coffee at home or in the office.  

6. Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Press

Made In PaloAlto, CA

american made coffee maker

It may look simple, but it is an extremely popular coffee maker due in part because it requires no electricity.  It is transportable and can make great coffee when one is traveling or camping.  The Aero Press coffee maker is made in USA!
See the Aero Press on Amazon.

Cold Brew Coffee Makers Made In USA

Cold Brew coffee has gained great popularity since it has a smooth taste without the bitter acidic flavors of hot coffee. 

Coffee makers actually work to only heat water to a specific point to prevent too much bitter acidic flavor from coming out of the coffee bean, but the heat itself does bring out some of those flavors.  This is where brewing coffee cold is different.  It does take a lot more time, but it makes amazing coffee. 

7. Filtron Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Made In Westminster, CA

There are two options for an American made cold brew coffee brewing system. The first is the Filtron Brewing Kit.
Notice they proudly display that they have been making coffee makers in the USA since 1949 on the front of the packaging! 

8. Toddy Cold Brew System

Made In Colorado (Loveland)

Another option for cold brew coffee system made in the USA is Toddy.  See the Toddy cold brew system on Amazon.


Coffee makers Made in China 

There are a lot of brands of coffee makers Made in China. We’ve compiled a shortlist, but there are many more! 

Where is Mr. Coffee made?

Mr. Coffee is Made in China.  If you wondered “Where is Mr. Coffee made?”  The answer is simple - it is made in China and the photo here of the box makes that clear. 

mr coffee coffee maker made in china

Mr. Coffee from Sunbeam products Inc. A Newell Brand coffee machine - is Made in China. 

where is mr. coffee made

This is a 12 cup coffeemaker from Mr. Coffee. This is a different Mr. Coffee maker that is Made in China.

Where is the Shark Ninja Coffee maker made?

The Ninja Coffee programmable 12 cup brewer is also Made in China.  

shark ninja coffee maker is not made in usa

If you were considering buying but needed to know where the Shark Ninja Coffee Maker is made, it is made in China.  See the photo here of the box.

Where is the KitchenAid coffee maker made?

This KitchenAid coffee maker is Made in China

where is kitchenaid coffee maker made

It is a drip coffee maker with a spiral showerhead from KitchenAid.  If you know of other KitchenAid coffee makers, let us know.  The answer to where KitchenAid makes coffee makers is China. At least according to the box for this one.

Where is Cuisinart coffee maker made?

Cuisinart coffee makers are Made in China.  The manufacturing is done in China on this 12 cup programmable coffeemaker from Cuisinart. This one is called Brew Central.

Cuisinart coffee makers made in china

Where does Farberware make its coffee makers?

Farberware has a long history in coffee makers and is known for their percolator coffee makers. However, even Farberware has sold out manufacturing to China. This coffee maker from Farberware is Made in China.

Farberware coffee makers are made in china

Where is the Keurig coffee maker made?

Keurig is Made in China and puts it right on the front of the box. 

Keurig coffee maker not made in america

More on Made in America coffee makers and what to feature next

I hope this helps you navigate the vast amount of options for coffee makers and find a coffee maker that is Made in America. 

Our references are linked and photographed throughout the article. If you’re interested in more details - we encourage you to comment below or send us a detailed message through our Facebook page.

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