Announcing our 3rd Annual #BuyAmericanDay | Oct. 6

Announcing our 3rd Annual #BuyAmericanDay | Oct. 6


(Los Angeles, CA – September 13, 2018) – Country music legends, The Oak Ridge Boys and the Gatlin Brothers have joined forces with Made in America Co. to place a renewed emphasis on buying products made in the United States. The Liberty Legends USA program debuted in 2015 and this week announced their launch of their support of Made in America Co.’s #BuyAmericanDay, October 6, 2018.

#BuyAmericanDay was started in 2016 by Made in American Co. Launched as a national event, the designated day to support US-made products is gaining in notoriety. “Our mission on the first year, and it continues today, is to ask every capable American to purchase at least one item, regardless of price, that is made in the USA on this day,” said Deagan Williams, Founder of Made in America Co. “The national event is an economic engine to drive awareness of the impact our everyday purchases have on American-Made companies. If we can get everyone to buy one item on this day, the economic impact will be historic!”

Made in America Co. was established in 2013 by Williams during his sophomore year of college. On their website, Williams stated, “After hearing stories about how my great grandfather, J.P. Garrett, would only buy items that were made here in the USA, I started my own personal initiative to buy more American-made goods. Throughout the process, I discovered that there was a major lack of information about Made in USA companies, and that’s when I decided do something about it.”

By partnering with Liberty Legends USA, a brand who has made the awareness mission a cornerstone in their business, we will be able to increase our reach to America by using the celebrity connections to help us spread the word. 

Over the next month, expect to see endorsements of the #BuyAmericanDay grow and expand as more and more of the Liberty Legends celebrities reach out to their friends and fans. To get involved, please visit

The Liberty Legends mission has gained notoriety in the infancy stages by leaders such as Ambassador Andrew Young, Governor Mike Huckabee, Ret. Major General Gary Harrell (who was featured in the movie Black Hawk Down), Dr. Richie Bland, as well as a long list of celebrity endorsers who visit the key movement sponsor, Mill Town Music Hall. The movement sponsor list is growing and now includes Mill Town Music Hall, Threads Custom Apparel, Philbeck Custom Clothiers, Diamond Gusset Jeans and Cutman Classic.

Mill Town Music Hall serves as the fulfillment center for Liberty Legends USA items including The Gatlin and Oak Ridge Boys Collections. Mill Town’s website and physical location in Bremen, GA and serves as the primary store for many other Made in the USA items.

About Made in America Co

Made in America Co. is the leading independent, non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting American manufacturers and the workers behind them, as well as the creators of the nationally-recognized #BuyAmericanDay, a one-day-only global shopping event which exclusively promotes American-made products. When you buy American-made products, you not only stimulate the economy here at home but also support American workers, safe working conditions, and child labor laws. Since its establishment in 2013, they have built a loyal following of more than 250,000 active consumer members, and we encourage others to join our movement to protect America’s ability to produce, create jobs, and remain a world leader.

About Liberty Legends USA

The Liberty Legend USA mission is a collaboration of Made in America businesses promoting a movement to Buy American, bringing jobs and profits back to American soil.  The program debuted in 2015 with a line of high quality western jackets and dress jeans made in the United States and carrying the Larry Gatlin name.  In 2017, the legendary Oak Ridge Boys joined the movement as the next Legend and debuted their line of suits.  Mill Town Music Hall, Bremen, GA is the movement’s principal sponsor and fulfillment partner.  The clothing is made by Threads, Inc.  Threads is a company owned by Robin Sewell Worley, who is the grandson of Warren Sewell, the co-founder of the Sewell Companies, the men’s suit company that was established in the south in 1918.  The partnership of Mill Town Music Hall and Threads along with other sponsors and endorsers is gaining ground by growing awareness of the impact of the Made in the USA mission.

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    Suggestion… why not make 2021 “buy American day” the 4th of July? What better day to show our support for American Made Products…

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