Buy American Day 2016

We are eager to announce our first annual Buy American Day on October 1, 2016! This national event will be supportive in helping increase awareness about the benefits of buying products and goods that are made right here in the U.S.A. 

In addition, this event will also help us honor and show appreciation for the many small businesses and companies across the nation that make their quality goods in the U.S.A. while keeping hard-working Americans employed. 

Help participate in this holiday event by going out and purchasing at least one item, regardless of price, that is Made in the U.S.A. We will be sharing products and companies all day on our social outlets, be sure to follow us!                                                         

If you are going to participate and help us celebrate, we ask that you RSVP here! We love to receive feedback from our fans! Feel free to share any pictures you take of the item(s) you buy on our Twitter or Facebook page, use #BuyAmericanDay.


Deagan K. Williams

CEO/Founder, Made in America Co. 


The Benefits of Buying Made in the U.S.A.

  • American-Made permits better quality products. 
  • Supports not only manufacturing jobs, but also jobs that are associated with American manufacturing. 
  • American manufacturing is under environmental regulation, which leads to cleaner and more efficient manufacturing techniques. 
  • U.S. Federal and State Laws permit safer, cleaner, and more fair work conditions for workers. 
  • U.S. Federal and State Laws regulate products for safety, delivering safer products to consumers. 
  • Money spent on American-Made products stimulates the American economy. 
  • When you buy American you're not only investing in jobs and quality products, you're also investing in the future of this great nation. 


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  • Glenn Thornhill

    I no longer see any "Made in U.S.A.: products on your Facebook page, & I haven’t received any email sale notifications lately?
    Thanks again Deagan, & keep up the good work. Glenn Thornhill

  • Janet R Krause

    So many products you pick up, say “Distributed by”, but do not say where they are made or where the parts of the item are made. We need better labeling.

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