Original Tin Cup [Handle Free] Made in America

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"Look, Mom, no handles."

It's no mistake... We made them that way! 

Limited edition (we only made 100 of them).

In the days of the trans-continental railroad. All of the railroad workers drank whiskey. The thing is their glasses kept breaking from the vibrations of the dynamite blasts that came from building the tunnels. They turned to the materials around them to make cups that would not break. So their "tin cups" became the best alternative. The thing is the tin changed the taste of the whiskey, and they actually preferred it over their old drinking glasses. Our Original Tin Cup™ enhances the flavor profile of Whiskeys, Bourbons, and Rum when consumed from it. It allows for the flavor to build, by muting the beginning notes, and expanding the flavorful aftertaste. This allows for the drinker to have a more rounded drinking experience.


  • "Moscow Mule” Style Stainless Steel Mug no handle.
  • Features a design similar to what the Railroad Workers and Miners used over 100 years ago. 
  • This cup is the offers the ultimate drinking experience, matched with historicity behind its inception.
  • Hand-Crafted and packaged in West Michigan.

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