Balm of Gilead Oil Made in America

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Our signature product, Balm of Gilead Oil, and a few of its byproducts have become our most personal and defining product. This oil is undoubtedly unique among a collection of uniqueness. We adore the smell, and we enjoy the benefits of peacefulness, which it brings to our studio each year. The scent of this oil has a sweetness which is clean and hauntingly fragrant. Some customers have told us that they find this one oil very intense. I know that we passionately love our Balm of Gilead Oil, and others must enjoy it too because this is our company's most significant selling product. Pound for pound, we ship more Balm of Gilead Oil than any other product. For the last three years, we have doubled our raw wild-crafted bud order each year as more and more of you become addicted as we are.

We only use fresh buds, not dried, frozen, or dehydrated. These are the buds of balsam poplar trees which secrete a powerfully aromatic and healing resin. This resin is high in salicylic acid, which also happens to be the active ingredient in aspirin. We begin each year with the freshest crop of buds from a remote area in the Alaskan wilderness. A region free from pesticides, herbicides, and the pollution provides us with the most excellent wild-crafted buds possible.

It is analgesic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory with a sweet clean scent. The young buds of balsam poplar trees secrete a powerfully aromatic and healing resin high in salicylic acid, the active ingredient in aspirin. Useful in massage, skin care, as a bath oil and aromatherapy.

Each year we receive a significant number of request for this oil from churches, religious groups, and hospices, as an anointing oil for religious services and sacred rites. However, it is also an excellent body oil, massage oil, perfect for minor skin irritations, and tired muscles and joints.

Use as a bath oil, by pouring two-three tablespoons into warm water, relax, and enjoy.  Enjoy the uplifting and calming scent.

 This product contains no commercial fragrances. This product is Vegan.  
All ingredients are sourced with great care and are either wild-crafted or grown under the supervision of a certified organic farmer. Grown without the use of GMO seed, pesticides, herbicides, or other poisonous chemicals is the definition we use to determine quality.


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