Legacy Food Storage

Legacy Food Storage

Coming in as our latest American Makers feature is Legacy Food Storage based out of Salt Lake City, UT. They have proudly been Made in USA since their founding in 2012. 


The owners of Legacy started in the food storage business selling another brand of food storage. They quickly became very frustrated with the lack of quality controls, dishonesty and general quality of the product they were selling and looked for a better solution.  After not being impressed by what was available on the market, they sought out to make their own high quality, Non-GMO product that they could be proud of and Legacy was born in 2012.

Their manufacturing partner, Honeyville Grain (Rancho Cucamonga, California), has been producing grocery store quality food since 1951. They have worked together to create the Legacy Premium line, and they are a big part as to why Legacy emergency/disaster food storage is so delicious. 

The factory where Legacy's products are packaged. 

Food storage products are easy to prepare and packaged for an extended shelf-life, which makes them great for emergencies, disasters, shelter prepping, hunting, camping and much more!

Legacy has chosen to remain American-Made in order to support American jobs and honor the freedoms we have here, not overseas. Honeyville, also based in the USA, is a large family owned company that agrees continued success must be built upon relationships of trust with our employees and valued customers. They think its a great match! You can click here to learn more or shop.

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