Jacob Bromwell

Jacob Bromwell

Very few companies that are still in operation today can claim that they have been in business for nearly 200 years, but that is exactly the case with our new feature of the week. The Jacob Bromwell® company was established in 1819 (just 31 years after the ratification of the U.S. Constitution) as a brush and wire-goods business. The company's founder, Jacob Bromwell (pictured below), was educated in Baltimore, fought in the War of 1812, and soon after made his way to the town of Cincinnati, OH to start The Bromwell Brush & Wire Goods Company. Thus a legacy was born. 

In its early days the company manufactured shoe and scrub brushes, leather and wood horse shiners, dusting and window brushes, mops, rat traps, sand screens, corn poppers, and sifters. The products were "meticulously crafted by hand with portions constructed on innovative machinery to quicken production." The company quickly made a name for itself and by 1910, Jacob Bromwell's wire goods company was one of the largest in the country, with over seven factories. 

During the California Gold Rush era, Americans began migrating in mass to the West. Many of these pioneers brought their Jacob Bromwell tin cups, popcorn poppers, frying pans, cheese graters and flour sifters along for the journey.

With the devastation of the Great Depression hitting the country during the 1930's, Jacob Bromwell® remained dedicated to its customers and the American worker, operating only three days a week. The company pulled through those difficult times by adhering to its mission statement, which was to "produce the highest quality cooking, baking, and campfire products for American families." Jacob Bromwell® was founded with this mission in mind, and remains committed to it today. 

In 2010 the company renovated its brand and image. This is when their company name went from Bromwell Housewares to Jacob Bromwell®. The company still takes great pride in manufacturing every single product of theirs right here in the U.S.A. out of authentic material. They are currently headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. Jacob Bromwell® products are still sold through retailers across the country and on their website

It speaks volume for a company to have been in business for nearly two centuries. For a company to be able to adapt and overcome so many different transitions in society throughout history, they are not only successful, but legendary. It truly is remarkable what this company has achieved in its time. It would not be an overstatement to say that a great majority of American households has owned at least one Jacob Bromwell® product at some point in time. Have you seen any of their products in your kitchen? Let us know in the comments below. 


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"We believe in the creativity and productivity of American workers, and still today all Jacob Bromwell® products are handcrafted with pride in the USA and guaranteed for life. It's the way we've done it for nearly 200 years."
-The Jacob Bromwell® Company


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  • Clay yancey

    I am 60yrs old & still using my mom’s sifter & grater that have ur lable on them with a family dollar price tag on the sifter.

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