Hardwood Artisans

Hardwood Artisans


Coming in as our latest American Makers feature is a company that takes pride in individual craftsmanship and strives to deliver their customers quality furniture that is built to last. 

Hardwood Artisans started out as The Loft Bed Store in 1976 by two men using only a few basic hand tools, a router, Skilsaw, hand sander, and drill. Initially, they built loft beds in birch wood. Over the years they've made more products such as dressers and nightstands to accompany the existing loft bed product line. By late 1990’s, the company evolved to build a variety of household furniture such as living-room, dining-room, and office furniture.

In 1998, the company changed their name to Harwood Artisans to better represent the brand they had become - a prominent furniture maker in DC metropolitan area. In 2005, the company was turned over to six partners who now work as ambassadors for the company. All of their employees and partners have one goal in mind: to make quality, craftsman furniture that lasts.

The company today makes over 500 different products ranging from Murphy Beds to accessories. All of their furniture is built with solid wood by their skilled craftsmen in a 42,000 sq. ft. wood-shop in Elkwood, VA. They build furniture for dining rooms, bedrooms, offices, living rooms and built in kitchens.

They primarily use seven different woods that include maple, cherry, birch, mahogany, walnut, and oak. In addition to the wood options, they also offer over 30 different stain and oil finish options. Their furniture is built to order and can be customized to meet any specifications. In fact, they can build anything as long as you can describe it to them. 

When asked about their dedication to being Made in the USA, Hardwood Artisans replied:

In this era, quality is often compromised over cheap cost of producing them. Furniture is not any different. We believe in making furniture the right way. It’s rewarding to know that our products and ideals are valued by people who understand that products made in America have always been and still are very important to our local and smaller businesses. 

At Hardwood Artisans, their mission is to build furniture with the highest level of craftsmanship to last for centuries. You can see the quality of their furniture in any of their three showrooms in Arlington, VA - Bethesda, MD and Culpeper, VA. You can also check them out on their website!


Thanks for reading,

Deagan Williams

CEO/Founder, Made in America Co. 

Custom Walden Table by Kenny Keller

At Hardwood Artisans, we understand the importance of having something custom made. Taking a request for a particular product is something that we take seriously. To see your vision become a thing of beauty and function is important, and we work to make sure that your expectations are exceeded.

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