Diamond Gusset Jeans | Sponsor of the Month | Giveaway

Diamond Gusset Jeans | Sponsor of the Month | Giveaway

Say hello to Diamond Gusset® Jean Company, our sponsor of the month for August 2018! Learn about their Made in USA jeans below and then Enter for a chance to Win a $150 Gift Card to their online store. Thanks for supporting Made in USA!

Diamond Gusset® Jean Company was founded in 1987 to develop an entirely new jean concept utilizing a gusset for extra durability and enhanced comfort. Since that time, they've seen many changes in the apparel industry, and by most accounts they should have disappeared along with many other companies that have struggled so hard to survive in this global economy. But instead of just surviving, they're actually stronger now more than ever before. While most companies have gone offshore, merged, or have been totally eliminated - they've managed to grow on their foundations. Those foundations are simple:

  • Provide the most comfortable jean available while keeping one eye on history.
  • Careful craftsmanship
  • Continual improvement

This combination of tradition and innovation is one key why their customers are their best supporters of brand growth by continually providing vital word of mouth advertising for them.

Diamond Gusset® Brand Jeans are different because of the unique gusset sewn into the crotch. The original gusseted construction incorporates a "delta" shaped piece of material sewn into the crotch of the jean, as seen above. This allows stress to be redistributed around the crotch area, allowing greater freedom of movement, comfort and strength. As an added benefit, the original set-turn-and-topstitch construction is stronger and less thick. The result is 3 ply leg seams, and only 9 ply thick at the crotch (not 16!).

Please join us in supporting Diamond Gusset® Jeans! You can shop their clothing here.

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