Claim Your Free Sticker

Claim Your Free Sticker

Do you want a free "I ❤️ American-Made" sticker? Help spread the word about our #BuyAmericanDay on Oct. 6! Please complete the steps below to claim your free sticker. A Free Sticker is only guaranteed to the first 150 respondents. If you are not on Facebook and/or if you do not want to invite a friend, please notate the same when you fill out the form as we will try our best to fulfill all responses.

Steps to Claim Your Sticker:

1. RSVP & Invite a Friend on Facebook

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  • Matt

    How do I get a sticker if I don’t have facebook ? Can I just buy one ?

  • Made in America Co.

    Thanks for the comments! To those not on Facebook, please fill out the form and notate the same. If we have enough stickers we will send them out!

  • Mikey

    I support American made, but I definitely don’t support socialist media (it’s very un-American in my opinion, especially since you need to have slave labor products to use it). I’ve never used socialist media and I never will. Also if a company wants my business they should have a safe, efficient, back door-free website compatible with safe, efficient, back door-free web browsers. I support the American people NOT the government.

  • Dan Gonzales

    I love made in America products!!

  • Kimberley Thomas

    Thanks !

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