Made in USA Behind the Scenes - Part 4

Made in USA Behind the Scenes - Part 4

Welcome to Part-4 of our Made in USA Behind the Scenes! This is the last installment of a 4-part feature that gives our fans and readers an exclusive insight into the manufacturing process for many of our sponsors. We want to take a minute to commend all of these companies for providing quality products and keeping Americans employed. We ask that you join us in showing your support for all of these companies. Thanks for viewing! If you like this article and would like to see more content like this, please comment below and SHARE to help spread the word about Made in USA. Click here to visit Part-1, click here to visit Part-2, click here to visit Part-3.

1. Cheerwine

Born in the South. Raised in a Glass. Since 1917. Cheerwine is the legendary singular soft drink of the South with the taste that always surprises.

2. Bottle Breacher

Bottle Breachers are made from dummy ammunition and are completely safe. They have been professionally powder coated, not spray painted. This is a long process that takes time but keeps the finish for years to come. Our brass is professionally polished, giving it the extra shine that distinguishes it from all others. Engraving is done with a Laser Engraver which creates a unique contrast between the engraving and the coating of the Bottle Breacher, leaving it with a much better finish that is clear and precise.

3. LogOX

Buying American made products means supporting American jobs. LogOX is proud of the incredible workmanship their manufacturing partner Swisher Brand Products puts into crafting each and every LogOx.
LogOx is now and will forever be American-Made!

4. Hungry Hound Beer Grain Treats

Hungry Hound Beer Grain Treats uses the by-product generated from the beer brewing process in their all-natural, sustainable dog treats. Brewers' spent grain is nutritionally valuable (particularly niacin and thiamin), high in fiber & protein and low in fat and easily digested by humans and animals.
"We made our first batch of dog treats out of grain we had left over from our homebrew, after throwing out the first batch of grain I wanted to find a way to re-purpose them. Our dogs went crazy for them so we shared some with friends and family to give to their dogs, all dogs gave them two paws up! We startedselling them at local events and the feedback was overwhelming. Since our launch in May 2014, we no longer homebrew but obtain our spent grain from breweries all over NY & PA, we have partnered with the breweries to help with recycling their spent grains and also offering their customers a product made with their own house grains.  
All of our treats are taste tested for quality control by our four rescue pups, Toby, Grizzly, Violet and Barley.  We offer many fundraising opportunities and donate a portion of our proceeds to different organizations each quarter." -Casey Parker, Owner

5. Trayvax Wallets

Trayvax wants to give their customers a glimpse into American manufacturing. But they want to offer something truly innovative. They've created a 360-virtual reality shop tour and they're giving away 500 VR viewers to enhance the experience for our customers. The goal is to provide viewers an inside peek at how products are made in the USA.  People can sign up now for a chance at winning the VR viewer. They'll announce the winners and email a link to the actual video on October 3. Everyone who signs up receives a $10 coupon from them too!

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