Made in USA Behind the Scenes - Part 1

Made in USA Behind the Scenes - Part 1

Made in USA Behind the Scenes is a 4-part feature that gives our fans and readers an exclusive insight into the manufacturing process for many of our sponsors. We want to take a minute to commend all of these companies for providing quality products and keeping Americans employed. We ask that you join us in showing your support for all of these companies. Thanks for viewing! If you like this article and would like to see more content like this, please comment below and SHARE to help spread the word about Made in USA. 

1. Liberty Tabletop

Liberty Tabletop is a flatware brand by Sherrill Manufacturing, a family owned and operated business co-owned by Matt Roberts and Greg Owens. Created with pride in their Sherrill, N.Y. factory, which has been producing quality flatware for more than a century, Liberty Tabletop offers a variety of patterns designed to satisfy almost any taste. Now the only manufacturer of flatware in the United States of America, Liberty Tabletop creates high quality flatware at a competitive price. All of their items are produced using the finest quality 18-10 chromium/nickel stainless steel. What’s more, the steel that our flatware is produced with is also made in the U.S.A. and meets all ASTM standards. 

2. SOM Footwear

SOM Footwear's manufacturing process is straightforward, but labor intensive.  The automated cutting machine cuts their materials and patterns in every size, from 4-16 including half sizes. Their seamstresses then layer and sew each pair's upper and tongue. The pairs then have their midsoles attached before being placed on molds (called lasts—again, one for each size). Each shoe is added to the rack for final processing where they will be shaped and soles are added. 
Behind all of it is this pile of trial shoes—every change in design gets thoroughly tested to make certain it is the best possible shoe they can produce.

3. Brooklyn Copper Cookware

The America in which Brooklyn Copper Cookware is made extends from New York through Ohio and Indiana up to Wisconsin. Our crew is now making the finest solid copper cookware to be found on these or any shores.

4. Coin Displays

Coin Displays, hand-makes beautiful commemorative coin displays out of natural woods. Choose from 10 different exotic woods covering a range of colors. As the fingerprints of our world's forest, the color and grain can vary from piece to piece, making each one unique. The combination of the natural woods and the unique design set them apart from the rest. The video above shows the engraving process for a recent product they made. 

5. Swisher Brand Products

View the behind the scenes fabrication and assembly of Swisher's USA made power equipment. Swisher is a proud manufacturer of USA made machines in Warrensburg, Missouri.

6. VinniBag by Ellessco

VinniBag is a durable travel accessory with inflatable air chambers that protect and insulate liquids and fragile items. The chambers conform to the shape of the contents (one or more items), isolating and suspending them in an air cushion. It’s designed to provide superior protection against impact and leakage, is easy to use, and stores flat, rolled or folded when not in use.

STAY TUNED - Part 2 Featuring Different Companies Will Be Released Next Thursday 9/14/17.

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