Authenticity 50 | Made in USA Luxury Bedding

Authenticity 50 | Made in USA Luxury Bedding

Meet Jimmy & Steph, the Husband/Wife Co-Founders of Authenticity 50.

After they got married, they wanted to invest in Made in USA items - as they knew they would last for years. Avid sleepers, they searched high and low for luxe bedding made here but had no luck. They slept like babies on USA-made sheets at a bed & breakfast, but the innkeeper sadly lamented that these were her last sets; production moved to China years earlier.

After months of research, they realized two things: It’s expensive to manufacture bedding here. And the traditional retail markup model inflates consumer prices by up to 10x!

If they created an amazing product and cut out absurd markups, they could offer great value to customers, support hundreds of jobs, and provide fair wages & working conditions to American workers.


Authenticity 50 sheets are what they call ‘seed-to-stitch®’ made in the USA. The entire manufacturing process and every single part of their product - from growing the supima cotton, to spinning the yarn, to weaving the fabric, to their military-grade buttons, recycled packaging, and woven tags - is made here. It requires over 500 American jobs to produce, from coast-to-coast.

Authenticity 50 was founded on the belief that we can make the finest home goods in the world, authentically in the 50 States. They don't compromise on quality or values. They don't manufacture overseas and they never will.

Honest Bedding, Made in USA

In 1960: 90% of textiles used in American households were produced here. Today: less than 3%. Authenticity 50 is reversing this trend. They've partnered with the best factories in the United States to produce the best products.

Their long lasting supima cotton percale weave luxury bedding offers customers a cool sleep and the opportunity to support over 500+ American jobs. Their products will never be the cheapest but they will always be the best value. They're not imported. They're UNIMPORTED.

We hope you join their movement to bring luxe home goods back to the States - one sheet set at a time. Thank you for your support! 

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