All USA Clothing Co. | Sponsor of the Month | Giveaway

All USA Clothing Co. | Sponsor of the Month | Giveaway

Coming in as our latest American Makers feature is June's Sponsor of the Month, All USA Clothing Company. Established in 1970 to supply businesses and unions with 100% USA made apparel, the company has expanded it's line to appeal to everyday consumers and is currently based out of Keego Harbor, Michigan. Enter Below for a Chance to Win one of their Made in USA T-Shirts. 

It is estimated that in the 1960's nearly 95% of the clothing worn by Americans was made domestically, that number is as low as 2% today. While most clothing manufacturing has since been moved to overseas factories, All USA Clothing recognizes that the hardest workers, the finest craftsmanship, and the most innovative production continues to define what it means to be “American Made.”  In short, they wouldn’t have it any other way.
Besides supporting the American worker, All USA Clothing maintains their 100% Made in USA roots because it's more than a company for them, it's a way of life. They truly believe this is the greatest country on earth and they live every day with patriotic gratitude. We firmly stand behind the patriots at All USA Clothing and ask that you join us in supporting them!
Be part of the solution: Help bring manufacturing jobs back home by purchasing products that are made here!


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    Awesome! Made in the USA!

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