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    American Made Christmas — Vermont Teddy Bear

    Gifts for Kids | American Made Christmas 2018

    Gifts for Kids | American Made Christmas 2018

    Do you trust foreign-made for your children's toys? Shop these Made in USA gifts for kids.


    "Murbles" Outdoor Family Game

    Murbles is the modern American made version of lawn bowling. Playing Murbles is the perfect way to engage with your children and get them physically active while sharing quality family time.


    6-Pack Cereal Box Puzzles from White Mountain Puzzles

    Six individual cereal boxes make up this selection of childhood favorites - Lucky Charms, Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs and Trix. Great gift as a set or individually as stocking-stuffer!


    Personalized Wooden Name Puzzle

    Wooden name puzzles are a great tool to introduce your child to the spelling of his/her name! Kinesthetic activities, such as doing puzzles can help children to remember better the things they are learning. For this reason, a child with a name puzzle will have the opportunity to recognize and remember the spelling of his/her name before he/she is able to write.


    Stuffed Animal from Vermont Teddy Bear

    So much more than a stuffed animal, Buddy Giraffe is a best friend that lasts a lifetime. We designed him with long limbs so he's easy to carry, and his hooves have weighted beans to make him extra cuddly. Kids love his cute little tail and horns, and the short, soft fur great for hugging. A tag below the tail has space for a name and info so Giraffe will always find the way home if accidentally left behind. Guaranteed for life.


    Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty

    Long associated with trust, strength, and serenity, blue tops the charts in terms of favorite colors worldwide. Blue makes up so much of our natural world, that it's no wonder. Blue Thinking Putty® is sure to become a lasting favorite. Deeply saturated and dynamic, this brilliant blue is reminiscent of bright skies and sparkling seas and is sure to impart plenty of positivity to your day.